Volaire Shampoo Review


Shampoo plays an important role as part of our hair care routine. It is designed to clean the scalp and remove hair’s excess oil and dirt. 

We should always keep in mind the importance of paying attention to the products we use and the importance of being able to determine the specific needs of our hair type. Determining your hair type is the beginning of finding the right product that works well for your hair. 

If you have thin, fine, flat, or plain unruly hair, And want to add life and bounce to it, then a volumizing hair product is best for you. 

One brand that stands out when it comes to adding volume to the hair is the Volaire weightless volumizing shampoo.

What makes this unique from other shampoo is that it features air-weight technology, which adds volume and shine to each strand of the hair that can last all day with just one wash. 

This is an innovative product that provides effortless, everyday volume, that makes you look like you just left the salon. 

If you are interested to know more about it, keep reading as we give you an in-depth review of the Volaire shampoo. 

TLDR: Volaire Shampoo Overview

Product Description

The Volaire Shampoo has a unique lightweight foam lather that is infused with oxygen and a coconut cleansing agent that is used to remove dirt and excess oils, leaving hair clean and healthy. 

It lifts the hair while it cleanses with its airweight technology, it has unique microspheres that are attaching through each hair strand providing that natural weightless volume all day. 

It also contains chamomile and yarrow extracts that strengthen the hair from roots to tip. 

It has Kelp and Algae extract, these marine ingredients keep hair hydrated making hair soft, shiny, and vibrant looking. They are also rich in hair-beneficial vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.


  • Sulfate and paraben-free
  • Safe for color-treated hair 
  • Does not leave hair feeling sticky
  • Lathers nicely to hair
  • Provides soft and Long-lasting volumed hair
  • Smells amazing


  • Expensive 
  • The problem of getting the product when the aerosol pump is not working properly. 
  • Takes time to get the product from the can when half empty already

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In-Depth Review: Volaire Shampoo


To get the best result, Volaire shampoo is best paired with the Weightless fortifying conditioner,

Apply the weightless volumizing shampoo by dispensing a small amount into the palm, create foam by rubbing the hands together. Massage through hair. Then Rinse thoroughly.

Follow with weightless fortifying conditioner afterward, by applying a small amount to wet hair, starting from the bottom half all the way to the tip of the hair. Distribute evenly then rinse. 

This features oat protein and provitamin B5 that adds moisture making it smoother and softer. Leaving hair tangled-free

For extra texture, body and lift, use the Uplift Volumizing Mist, and Air Magic Texturizing Spray.

The Uplift Volumizing Mist adds more volume and helps smooth flyaway hairs. While the Air Magic Texturizing Spray is rich in vitamin E from sunflower seed extract, which helps prevent hair brittleness and adds movement. 

These 4 products are the volaire hair volumizing system. They work together to provide effortless volume that lasts long.


On Voltaire’s official website, they offer a 60-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE when you are not completely satisfied with the product. 

You may simply return it to them within 60 days of purchase and get a full refund. 

Who is it best for?

Volaire shampoo is best for anyone who wants to transform their flat, thin hair into something full of life and volume that can last all day. It provides 5x more volume with just one use.

If you are someone looking for a product that is free of sulfate and paraben. Then this product is also for you.

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What Do People Say About It?


Volaire shampoo has garnered a good rating on Amazon. 

One verified purchaser from the United States wrote:

“I don’t leave many reviews but I felt this product deserved a great review! I would definitely recommend this shampoo. I previously used Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo and this shampoo by far gave me more volume & body. It also leaves a great fragrance in your hair that lasts the entire day. It also works great to prevent my hair from frizzing during humid and rainy days. I love the way it dispenses like shaving cream and you only need a very small amount to get a great lather. I was looking for a shampoo that offered lightweight volume for my color-treated hair and this worked perfect. Unlike other volumizing shampoos I’ve used in the past this one did not dry my hair out but left it very moisturized and lightweight.”

Another verified purchaser from the United States wrote: 

“The volume shampoo I can’t live without! I’ve been trying any other product from all around the world. I can tell that this is a great one! It not just gives me the beauty of full thick hair but also makes it shiny and healthy. I’ve been recommending this product to many of my friends. Anyone definitely should try this product once in their lifetime to prove it.”


A youtube video from Volaire, where they talked about how Volaire works and some testimonies of different people on how Volaire has transformed their hair into healthier, fuller, and more beautiful hair. 

Together with the American actress, Kristin Davis, best known for playing Charlotte York Goldenblatt in the HBO romantic comedy series Sex and the City expressed how she loved the product. 

The Verdict: Should I Buy it

Yes, if you are looking for a shampoo that gives fuller natural weightless volume then Volaire shampoo is a must-try. 

However, for best results. It is best to use the Volaire shampoo together with the Volaire fortifying conditioner, this dynamic duo provides soft, smoother, and silkier hair without the hair feeling heavy or weighed down.

If you would want to take your volume even more to the next level, you may also follow it up with the Uplift Volumizing Mist and the Air Magic Texturizing Spray to add a bigger volume to your hair.

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