Best Blow Dryer For Black Hair

There was a time when society heavily criticized black hair. They described Afro styles as “too political,” locs were labeled “unruly,” and natural hair was “unprofessional.”  So for black women, every day was a bad hair day. Hair means something to everyone, but to a black woman, black hair is many things. Having been taken… Continue reading Best Blow Dryer For Black Hair

Best Hair Detangler For Kids

Detanglers relieve the stress of brushing tangled hair, especially for a child. It does the job of a conditioner and makes the hair super soft and ready to comb. Detangling comb and brushes also help to give a smooth ride in the detangling process, making sure the knots in the hair are soft without pain… Continue reading Best Hair Detangler For Kids

How Long to Leave Hair Dye In

Coloring your hair can add luster and emphasize texture back, making your hair appear more interesting and vibrant. However, hair dying can sometimes end in disaster, especially if you’re coloring at home for the first time.  Two common mistakes in hair coloring are leaving the hair dye too long or too short. The result? There… Continue reading How Long to Leave Hair Dye In

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Best Hair Powder For Men

Styling powder is a well-known hair product for men with thin hair who desire body, definition, and texture to produce a fuller style. However, it is also pertinent to find the best hair powder for men that offers lift and matte finish when you intend to add volume and texture to your hair.  There are… Continue reading Best Hair Powder For Men

How Long Does Hair Dye Last?

Now that you’ve spent your hard-earned money and your precious time getting your hair into the just-perfect color you’ve always wanted, it’s time to keep it intact for as long as possible. But have you asked yourself, “How long does a hair dye last?” Well, the answer depends on various factors. Some things to consider… Continue reading How Long Does Hair Dye Last?

Best Waver for Short Hair

Have you ever wondered how some girls have perfect beachy waves or curls than you? And if you have short hair, things can get exhausting when styling with a traditional tool or curling iron. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place to find the best waver for short hair! Well, not to worry anymore; grooming… Continue reading Best Waver for Short Hair