Best Hair Lightener

If you would want to lighten your natural hair color, hair bleaching is one way to go. However, when you’ve decided to bleach your hair, it’s always best to leave it to the professionals to avoid hair breakage, irritation, and unwanted damages. With that said, the Covid 19 pandemic has made it much easier said… Continue reading Best Hair Lightener

Whole Food Shampoo Review

Some people choose a shampoo product based on its fragrance, some based on how the packaging catches their attention, some buy based on top-of-mind brands, and some just follow what they have been used to ever since they started using shampoo.  Not many people look into the chemical composition or ingredients of these shampoo products,… Continue reading Whole Food Shampoo Review

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Renpure Conditioner Review

The use of shampoo has been part of our hygienic routine, they have been formulated to remove dirt build-up, excess oil, and impurities onto our hair and scalp.  To create a great lather, they usually contain surfactants such as sulfates as their primary cleansing agent. While many shampoos serve their main purpose to cleanse, most… Continue reading Renpure Conditioner Review