How to Hide Extensions in Very Short Hair

Hair extensions serve great and solve almost all of your own hair-related problems. However, some girls struggle with how to hide extensions in very short hair.

No matter the size of your hair, with the best hair extensions, you can customize it anytime, anywhere, to any length and style. But this is not an impossible task. You need to know how to hide extensions in very short hair and make them look real.

Have you, too, ever faced the issue of hiding your hair extension in short hair? Well, worry no more because we are about to guide you with several simple and effective ways to hide hair extensions. 

Nobody will know the secret behind flawless hair with these hair extension tips for short hair.

If you’re interested in knowing more about hiding extensions in very short hair, keep reading.

How to Hide Extensions in Very Short Hair

1. Choose a Suitable Color

The first step in how to hide extensions in very short hair is to look for a suitable color. If you prefer permanent hair extensions, go for an almost identical hue to your natural hair color. 

Girls with very short or thin hair can also choose the lighter color of extensions than their natural color, which blends the hair extensions quickly.

Girls who have short dark hair and want ombre styles may like wearing hair extensions with the same dark color at the roots and a lighter manner at the end. Choose the extension colors that look very close to your natural color.

If you have or are looking for human hair extensions, there is no need to find the right color. You can easily dye your extensions to match your natural color. 

You can even dye your hair to match the extensions as well. Play with colors as much as you like but keep in mind that the hair extensions must match and blend with your natural hair.

2. Cut and Trim Hair Extensions

Another tip on hiding extensions in very short hair is to trim or cut hair extensions. 

Hair extensions for short hair come in different lengths and styles to give you a completely different and gorgeous look. Before wearing your clip-in extensions, make sure they blend correctly with your hair. 

Blending hair extensions in very short hair is essential to make it look natural. If you apply very long extensions to your short hair, it may appear fake. 

To avoid this, cut or trim your extensions to make them a bit shorter so that it blends perfectly with your natural hair.

Trimming and cutting of extensions make your short hair thicker. If you are confused about cutting your extension, you don’t have to worry, as hair extensions already have a style. 

All you need is to trim or cut your extensions accordingly. Try to start cutting with small amounts of hair to avoid unwanted cutting. 

Put the extensions on your head, secure it and cut the extensions causing the issue. Ensure that the extensions are dry before cutting and comb your hair to remove any tangles. 

Start cutting by locating the short layers of your natural hair, and don’t cut your natural hair as they are already very short. If layers don’t work for you, a pixie cut is excellent for your short hair.

If you are still unsure of cutting your extensions yourself, you can have them professionally cut by a hairdresser.

3. Heavy and Thick Hair Set

Considering a heavyweight hair extension is another way to hide extensions in very short hair.

Buying hair extensions weight set works best to solve the problem of hiding extensions in very short hair. The heavyweight sets blend ideally with the short hair and create an amazingly natural look. 

Finding the right hair extension weight set according to your hair type is essential. Lighter hair sets are not recommended for very short hair because they give a fake and rough look after putting the extensions.

It would be best to choose a hair extension weighing 220 grams for short hair because it is heavy enough to hide short hair.

Moreover, look for the thickness of hair extensions as they blend easily with your natural hair. Never buy hair extensions that are thinner than your natural hair. Thick hair extensions give an honest and smooth look to short hair.

4. Curl or Straighten Hair Extensions

Curling and straightening are fantastic techniques to blend hair extensions with your natural hair. The hair length and type don’t matter in this as, whether you have very short or long hair, these techniques work perfectly.

It isn’t a problem to hide hair extensions in minimal hair. All you need is to clip your hair extension, take some of its parts and blend that part with your natural hair. 

Now, start straightening or curling your hair extension and natural hair part to make it look natural and smooth.

This method blurs the unconnected lines between extensions and natural hair so you can enjoy your invisible extensions. You can also try short curly hair extensions to save time. 

These two techniques also save your time from styling, which is one of the reasons you prefer to have short hair. 

Curling your extensions with natural hair blends it impeccably and makes it look thicker, similar to natural hair texture. Do not apply too much heat while straightening your extensions, as this can cause extensions to look more synthetic. 

Also, blow-dry your extensions with your hair to make it look natural.

5. Braiding

Braiding the hair extensions is another ideal way to gracefully hide the extensions in very short hair. It blends the extensions and makes them look thicker and natural.

If you have very short hair, then braiding hair extensions with your hair makes it look longer, healthier, and genuine.

To make a braid, clip hair extension strands between your natural hair layers and twist them correctly on your scalp. Add as many strands as you want, depending on your desired length.

You can choose whatever braid style you wish as this works with all braid styles.

Ensure that people don’t see rough layers showing off underneath your extensions. Cut the hair part from the mid of your ears to make a braid and pin it tightly.

This method hides your short hair sections and gives a satisfying look. It also gives you the confidence to roam freely without fear of obscuring the hair bases.

The french braid is the most popular braid of all time. It’s a versatile style and never goes out of fashion. The best thing about the french braid is that it works with all hair types and face shapes. 

So, if you are confused about the braid style you want to choose first – a french braid would be the best choice. It also works great in hiding the base of edges showing underneath the extensions.

6. Hide the Base

Hiding the base is an important thing you should do to hide hair extensions in very short hair. After wearing the extensions, you can see some of the hair edges under your extensions. 

People should not see these edges as it appears to be very unattractive. If the base of your hair extension is visible, it can ruin your whole look. So it’s better to make the bases disappear.

This problem exists not only for short hair people but also for different hairstyles. You can overcome this issue by using clips and pins at the bottom of your hair. Pin your hair into your head tightly to hide these bases. Another way to hide them is braiding.

Both base of your hair extension and hair edges underneath your extension should not be visible. Use proper pins to avoid this problem.

More extensive clips are suggested for people with short hair as the smaller hooks don’t blend properly. More oversized pins don’t move much and hide hair extensions from the side.

7. Use Fewer Wefts

People believe that more hair is always better, and they put too many wefts. If you place several wefts on your short hair, it will become hard to hide and blend the extensions. It even can look very gross on short hair.

It would be best to use fewer wefts on your short hair to make it look natural. Styling is easy, too, with fewer wefts, and you don’t have to use too many clips.

If you use more occasional clips, there are fewer chances that those clips are visible to the onlookers.

For very short hair, one or two wefts are enough. The more natural your hair looks, the more attractive they become. You can also use oil for hair extensions to add extra shine.

8. Use of Wig

The easiest and laziest way to hide extensions in very short hair is by wearing a wig. A wig can cover your whole head.

All you need is to hide short hair with a net and wear a wig. Wig comes in many styles and lengths. But it can impact your scalp, so you should not wear a wig too much.

Bottom Line

How to Hide Extensions in Very Short Hair

Hiding hair extensions in very short hair can be tricky but not impractical. To get your desired results, we gathered several effective ways to hide extensions in very short hair. Ensure that hair extensions blend with your hair to look like natural hair.

We hope you enjoyed reading these tips and know-how to hide extensions in very short hair. Now you are ready to put on hair extensions. 

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