How Long Does Hair Dye Last?

how long does hair dye last

Now that you’ve spent your hard-earned money and your precious time getting your hair into the just-perfect color you’ve always wanted, it’s time to keep it intact for as long as possible.

But have you asked yourself, “How long does a hair dye last?” Well, the answer depends on various factors. Some things to consider are how you care for your hair afterward, the type of hair dye used, your natural hair color, and how well you (for the at-home dye kit) or your hairstylist followed the instructions while dying your hair.

Here, I’ll share how long hair dye usually last and how to keep your hair color fresh, vibrant, and shiny longer. 

How Long Does Hair Dye Last?

For semi-permanent hair dye

Unfortunately, the semi-permanent dye doesn’t last the longest. Instead of penetrating the hair follicle, it only coats it with large color pigments. As a result, it gives the illusion of color to the hair. 

The semi-permanent hair dye only lasts about eight to 15 shampoos, while some brands of semi-permanent brands can last up to 28 shampoos.

Semi-permanent hair dyes last slightly longer compared to semi-permanent hair colors. Some people even prefer this because it does not cause the damage that permanent hair colour can cause, as the semi-permanent dye only partially penetrates the cuticle.

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For permanent hair dye

Using permanent hair dye lasts longer than semi-permanent or temporary hair dyes. 

Does permanent hair colour fade?

A permanent dye does not last forever. The permanent hair dye penetrates the hair strands more, so the color lasts longer. Exactly how long are between six to eight weeks.

Why the color of the dye matters

The hair dye color matters how long it will last. Hair dyes consist of different pigments. It will last longer if it has more tint. 

For instance, a blue dye has 1,000 pigments, red color has 3,000 pigments, and a purple hair dye may have 8,000 stains. As you can tell, darker colors last longer compared to lighter ones.

If you ask me what the longest-lasting hair dye is, I believe it would be brown. So, if brown is the hair color you prefer, you’re in luck!

Nevertheless, whether you apply semi-permanent or permanent hair dye to your hair, it can be subject to premature fading without proper hair care. So, be sure to consider the following tips:

Tips to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

Don’t wash your hair at first 

Wait at least three days before washing or shampooing your hair after color. This three-day period is essential for the colors to set and the hair cuticles to close. 

And if you have a gym workout scheduled a day or two after coloring your hair, it is wise to reschedule it because you may head straight to shower. The heated workout classes can also cause the hair color to fade faster.

Skip the super hot water

After a long day, you may love to take a hot shower, but it can ruin your hair color. When washing dyed hair, your best bet is to use water at cooler temperatures because it will prolong the shine and vibrance.

If you don’t prefer cold water, lukewarm water still does its job of sealing up the hair cuticle and locking in the fresh color.

Stick to gentle cleansers or space out your shampoo days

Clarifying shampoos can deep-cleanse the strands and scalp of excess grime and gunk, but this type of shampoo that those with fresh hair color should avoid. These can remove the tone and new pigment of the colored hair.

Invest in a color-safe shampoo or opt for sulfate-free ones instead so you cleanse your hair without worrying that it may strip off-color. Remember: sulfates are the worst enemy of fresh colors as they strip the color molecules from the hair and leave it dry and dull.

Another tip I want to share with you is to space out your shampoo days to avoid stripping the hair of color and natural oils.

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The color of your conditioner matters

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you damage your hair each time you use that curling iron or turn on your blow dryer.

But then again, some think it’s the price to pay for a great hairstyle. If you believe that hot tools are a must for some days, I suggest using heat-protectant or lightweight oil before styling. Add it throughout your hair’s mid-length to give your hair a protective barrier.

These products also hydrate your hair, making your hair color last longer.

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Think twice about plunging your hair into the pool

Swimming is a big no-no if you recently colored your hair. Both chlorine and saltwater will alter or strip the hair color.

Chlorine is a bleaching agent, and blonde hair is more susceptible to turning green while darker hair color loses its shine. So, take care of your hair. Colour washes more quickly when exposed to a bleaching agent.

I suggest you mix water and conditioner in a spray bottle and spray the mixture if you have to dip it in ocean water or the pool to protect semi- or permanent hair dyes.

Avoid too much sun exposure.

Too much sun exposure is not just harmful to your skin but your hair too. Color fade can happen when exposing your hair to direct sunlight for long periods. If you really should go outdoors, use an SPF specifically designed for hair.

You can also use a hat when outside to protect your hair and skin.

Why Your Natural Hair Color Impacts How Long Hair Dye Last

It’s hard to be precise with the number of weeks as to how long a hair color will last for you because the color of your natural hair will also be another factor to consider and how often you shampoo.

Let’s say you initially have black or brown hair. Then, a hair dye should last about six weeks before the hair color fades out.

Benefits of Using Oil-Based Hair Dye

An oil-based hair dye is a plant-powered hair color. For me, this type of hair dye delivers longer-lasting color and doesn’t quickly dissolve when you wash your hair. Your hair will be hydrated even if you color it. Isn’t it a win-win situation?

The oil-based hair dye is a breakthrough in the formulas for dying hair. The oil boosts the delivery system and improves the coloring process. And because there is no ammonia, the hair color can enter the shaft of the hair.

Moreover, an oil-based hair dye doesn’t dry out your hair’s existing lovely shine. Its enriching formula enhances the vitality and softness of the hair. 

Some of the best oil-based hair dyes we can recommend include:

The Bottom Line

Switching up your look is fun. From a fall-ready auburn to a sun-kissed blonde, a hair dye has allowed people to embrace changing looks at their leisure. 

Knowing how long hair dye lasts, whether it’s semi or permanent, make sure you use the right products so the vibrant color lasts longer.

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