Epilator vs Waxing for Facial Hair


Everyone has facial hair and this is perfectly harmless. In most women, it doesn’t even show up or is at least very fine. 

Some people, though, have unwanted or excessive hair that grows on their face and body. This condition often arises because of excess male hormones. 

While the presence of excessive hair is not harmful, it may be embarrassing to some people. For that, there are options to remove unwanted hair. These include shaving, use of prescription cream, and laser hair removal. 

However, shaving carries the risk of cuts and nicks, while depilatory creams may produce dermatitis or skin irritation to sensitive individuals. Laser hair removal can also be expensive. 

Two other alternative hair removal methods of removing facial hair are epilator and waxing. Epilation may be a better choice if you’re busy, whereas waxing guarantees longer-lasting results.

If you want to know more about Epilator vs Waxing for Facial Hair, keep reading. This guide provides a general overview of the epilator and waxing to help you decide if any of the two can be the best hair removal method for you.

Quick Comparison Table: Epilator vs Waxing for Facial Hair


A modern epilator is a series of tweezer heads placed on a spinning wheel device. Once you turn the device and use it on your skin, the tweezers safely grapes the hair from the root.

But does epilating facial hair make it grow back thicker? Well, it doesn’t. The blunted hair follicle just gives the appearance or feeling of greater coarseness.

And the best part of using the epilation method? It reduces the thickness and volume of your hair and offers long-term results.

You can use a rechargeable electric epilator that offers fast hair removal even with fewer strokes. Options include a wet epilator, which is convenient to use while in the shower or taking a bath, and a dry epilator.

A dry epilator can be used without water on the skin. For best results, it is to exfoliate your skin before using the device to prevent ingrown hairs and remove dead skin cells.


  • Long-lasting smooth skin for up to 4 weeks
  • Removes more hairs in a single stroke
  • Gentle hair removal method
  • Generally safe


  • Can be uncomfortable or painful at first use


Facial waxing works with either a cool or warm wax that hardens against the skin with excessive hairs. The strip is then removed quickly (in the opposite direction of hair growth), taking the roots of the hair along with it.

Since the hairs are directly removed from the root, it delays regrowth. It is best to avoid exposure to the sun after waxing as it may increase skin sensitivity.


  • Offers long-lasting skin smoothness
  • Targets large areas
  • A very precise technique
  • Less hair regrowth
  • Low-cost


  • Painful at first
  • May cause mild redness
  • May cause temporary skin irritation (rashes, bumps)
Tools neededEpilatorHard or soft wax, cloth or paper wax strips
Best forLarge areas, like legs and armsFace, underarms, legs, bikini areas, arms, and torso
Pain levelModerate to intenseModerate to intense
Results last3 to 4 weeks3 to 4 weeks
Optimum hair length3-5 mm or 1/8 inch (about half the length of the pinky finger)1/4 inch to 1/2 inch
Hair typeanyany
Skin typeallMost, but may not be best for those with sensitive skin
Average cost$20 – $100Full face $55, chin $13, neck $15

In-Depth Comparison: Epilator vs Waxing for Facial Hair Removal

Braun Epilator Facial Hair Removal for Women

Product Description

The Braun Epilator Facial Hair Removal for Women features the innovative SensoSmart technology that guides your use of the epilator so you can apply the right pressure on your skin.

The feature likewise helps you to remove more hairs in a single stroke. One of the benefits of this hair removal product is that it removes 4x shorter hair vs. waxing.

It is cordless and can be used wet or dry. For gentle epilation, though, it is best to use this device after applying water or oil to your skin so it will translate to less pain.

The Braun Epilator (9 9-890) Facial Hair Removal for Women likewise comes with seven extras. These include the shaver head, skin contact cap, facial cap, face and body trimmer for sensitive areas, and pouch.

Just repeat the process in the next 4 weeks or as soon as your hair grows back.

One of the benefits of using an epilator over waxing is that it can remove shorter hairs that waxing may not reach.


  • Cordless use- fast recharge: 1-hour charge, 50 mins of operation
  • Tweezers count: 40
  • Additional device: Bikini trimmer
  • With Shaver and Trimmer Head
  • Flexible epilation head
  • Extra-wide epilation head
  • Wet and dry application
  • Smartlight

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Hypoallergenic Facial Wax Strips for All Skin Types

Product Description

These hypoallergenic facial wax strips come with calming oil wipes. They are ideal for all skin types and are best to use in the middle brow, chin, cheek, and upper lip.

Nad’s Facial Wax Strips utilize contour weave paper technology, which helps make the wax strips flexible and softer to conform to facial curves.

After a few weeks and your hair grows back in, just use these fragrance-free and hypoallergenic wax strips again. As easy as that!

The Nad’s Facial Wax Strips are ready to use, just put it on your skin, rub, and peel. Results of waxing usually last for up to 4 weeks.


  • Main Use: Remove facial hair by the root
  • Skin Type: All skin types
  • Product Dimensions : 1.06 x 2.56 x 5.13 inches; 0.64 Ounces

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What Do People Say About it?


Nad’s Facial Wax Strips gained pretty good reviews. Zappa, for instance, said “I have used these for years and love them. Waxing without [the] mess!”

Meanwhile, the Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 9-890 Facial Hair Removal has good reviews as well.

Kim D. shared that the Braun Epilator is the first epilator brand she used. While the reviews about pain side effects worried her a bit, she said that the product “works so amazingly well for removing hair from legs and armpits.” “I’ve only used it there, so far,” she added.


Carly Musleh tried using an epilator from Braun and said “I’m not going to lie, this is quite scary. I’ve never had anything move fast around my face.” 

But after trying, she said, “If facial hair is something that bothers you a lot, then you would definitely put up with this because, after a few tries, you would get used to it… Overall, it gets a thumbs up for me.”

Black Digital Nomad said that the Nad’s Facial Wax Strips “really grips well.” “It comes super handy-dandy and I don’t use this often, just about twice a month or once a month sometimes.”

The Verdict: Which is Right for You?

We believe that both methods of hair removal are beneficial in their own ways. But if you are planning to also remove hair in larger areas of your body and not just in your face, then, choose epilators.

On the other hand, if you’re on the go, we advise you to try waxing. This method of hair removal likewise adheres to the top layer of your skin so you’re kind of exfoliating your skin at the same time.

Nevertheless, both methods lead to longer-lasting results of hair removal than shaving. Both methods also produce consistent and similar results.

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