Best Extensions for Thin Hair

Best Extensions for Thin Hair

Who doesn’t love beautiful thick locks that make you look like a celebrity? If you have natural flowing hair, then we envy you. However, if you’re like other women who don’t have long and thick tresses because of various reasons, then you may want to try putting on hair extensions.

Hair extensions add length and volume to your hair, giving the effect of streaks. Just take a look at the full hair diva look of Jennifer Lopez, Chrissy Teigen, Kim Kardashian, and Selena Gomez. So, keep reading our review of the best extensions for thin hair to find one that looks best for you!

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Best Extensions for Fine or Thin Hair

Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Hand-tied hair extensions or hand-tied wefts are often made from the thinnest wefts and one that you can use on fine hair. Since they are flat, they won’t leave unnatural bumps. Another great thing about this extension for fine or thin hair is that the method of attaching it to your natural hair is completely 100% safe and won’t cause any hair loss.

It can be used to sew in for instant look transformation and can be reused many times because of its durability.

This type of hair extension creates a strong, thin weft compared to other methods of application. They look flexible, natural, and lay close to the client’s scalp enough to eliminate the feeling of bulkiness. They are also more comfortable to touch and wear, making it feel like real hair and nobody will notice a thing!

Hetto Sew in Hair Weft Extensions Human Hair #2/8 Ash Brown Highlighted Weft Hair Extensions Sew in Human Hair 18 Inch 100g Brazilian Hand Tied Human Hair Weft

Check out this Hetto Sew in Hair Weft Extensions Human Hair, for instance! Just one pack and it could already make a full head. It’s also made of 100% real human hair. The set is thick, soft, tight, and you won’t have to worry about tangling or shedding!

Tape-In Hair Extensions

This is one of our favorites – the tape-in hair extensions. They are a great option for thin hair because each weft is soft and lightweight. They are typically applied by sandwiching hair extensions on top of a piece of hair. 

That’s why if you have fine, natural hair, tape-in hair extensions make a good choice as they give your hair a lightweight feel. We also recommend you just use single-sided tape-in hair extensions.

Another reason why we said this is one of the best hair extensions is that you can achieve many styles for your fine hair with these extensions! They don’t even require any product or head to apply.

Check out this Moresoo Burgundy Hair Extensions Human Hair Tape-in for hair inspiration! This is a salon-quality hair extension and is natural and soft to blend with your natural hair. Plus, it’s easy to maintain!

Halo Hair Extensions

If you prefer temporary hair extensions, then halo hair extensions are your best bet! They just blend well with fine hair too and are less heavy compared to other techniques.

Halo hair extensions are one-piece hair extensions and are held on by a thin, clear wire and worn by placing it on the head like a halo. Your own hair will be pulled through and over. This option is thicker compared to other hair extensions. So, they make a great option for achieving volume, length, or both.

They are good not just for everyday use, but also for special events, such as weddings because you won’t have to worry about your hair extensions showing. The caveat about using this type of extension, though, is they cost about 5 to 10% higher compared to other methods. That’s because of the complexity of their manufacturing.

Halo Hair Extensions, hotbanana Halo Hair Extensions Real Human Hair Extensions Straight Walnut Brown to Ash Brown and Bleach Blonde Remy Hair Extensions Secret Hair Extensions 12 inch 70g

See Halo Hair Extensions by Hotbanana. Each pack of this halo hair extension has two spare wires. One is a transparent elastic string, which is more flexible and soft, and the other is a fish line, which is harder and more solid. Choose one of them as you need.

Micro-Link Hair Extensions (Strand by Strand)

Micro-links are smaller nano-link hair extensions. To use this type of hair extension, it involves linking the extensions to your hair lock by lock. Micro-Link extensions have microbeads that link individual extensions to natural hair strand by strand.

This is the perfect option for those who want to achieve a full head of hair for thin hair. If you wish to get more volume and weight to your hair, consider how much space you will have in your head.

With this technique, one strand of extensions will be secured together on your real hair using a single microbead. This microbead is coated in silicone to protect the natural head while being attached to the microbead. We like it for thin hair because it requires no thread or braids for security, yet they deliver versatility, length, and volume to your hair styling practices.

Micro-link hair extensions may be a desirable method because it is the most undetectable hair extension option, the removal process involves a lot of tugging and pulling. Still, if it’s secured properly, your natural hair can still continue to grow.

Ugeat Microlink Hair Extensions Human Hair 22Inch Micro Loop Human Hair Extensions Light Brown #8 Cold Fusion Hair Extensions 50Gram/Set 1G/Strand Beads Remy Human Hair

Here, we shared the Ugeat Microlink Hair Extensions Human Hair that is made from real human hair. With these micro links hair extensions, you won’t have to worry about split ends, shedding, and tangle, making it easier to softly and naturally blend with your hair.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

If you’re looking for a quick and alternative way to add volume to your hair, then clip-in extensions are the best way to go. Just like tape in hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions are temporary with the option to take them out whenever you prefer.

All you have to do is to clip it on, style it with your thin or fine hair however you like, and take it off after. It’s one of the best options for long wear because it’s easy to put on. However, just be aware that wearing these hair extensions for fine hair all day long may cause hair loss because it can weigh down your own hair and pull down your scalp. 

WindTouch Clip in Hair Extensions Human Hair Balayage Mixed Bleach Blonde 15Inch 70g Highlights for Blonde Remy Hair 7PCS #18P613 Gift for Women

The WindTouch Clip in Hair Extensions Human Hair Balayage makes a good example of this type of extension for thin hair. They are made from natural hair and they are smooth and soft, just as good as your own hair. They also come in a variety of popular colors to match your hair!

Tight-Line Hair Extension

This method of hair extension is damage-free. They feature no beads, no tape, and no glue. Just hair and thread. These are braided extensions (with a twist). That is, professional hair experts use a unique tie-in step, allowing for the braid to be more comfortable and providing the safest and strongest way to attach hair extensions to your head.

One trick used in tight-line hair extensions is to choose the best-looking hair extension. It’s not necessarily a certain company or brand, but the hairpieces that ensure that every strand is voluminous and full from root to tip and are sourced only from all-natural and healthy human hair.

Hair Extensions to Avoid With Fine Hair

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

Hot fusion hair extensions may look natural that no one can know you’re even wearing them, these are not the best options if you have fine hair. That’s because they add unnecessary strain and weight to the hair. 

In case you’re wondering what kind of hair extensions they look like, they are bonded to the natural hair using keratin as glue and a heat tool. We don’t recommend you to opt for these hair extensions if you have thin hair.

These hair extensions could pull out your natural hair over time. Not to mention that removing them is an intricate and tricky process. If you don’t remove them correctly or have them professionally done, these can cause breakage and damage to your fine hair. 

Sew-In Hair Extensions

Sew-in hair extensions are extensions you should think twice about if you have fine hair. The reason is that they involve breading in hair extensions right at the scalp. Yes, it is popular and looks good, but it’s not good if you have thin hair. Sew-in hair extensions need a strong foundation at the scalp so they can be used for braids. Choosing these hair extensions may cause breakage and stress to your hair in the long term.

Check out this Full Shine Weft Hair Extensions Human Hair. These hair extensions are made of Brazilian hair, which is soft, thick, and durable. They blend well with different hair textures and cause less frizz.

They can even be attached in different styles. Aside from directly sew-in, you can also attach it with micro-link-in, glue, tape-in, clip-in, or make this wig or ponytails and easily get the hairstyles that you like for the day!

Amazing Benefits of the Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

In particular, here are the amazing benefits you’ll get by using hair extensions if you have thin hair:

Natural look

The best hair extensions can guarantee to provide you with a natural-looking appearance. It will stick firmly to your natural locks in a way that no one will know you’re using hair extensions at all!

Immediate result

Another benefit of using hair extensions for thin hair is that once applied, they will add volume to your hair immediately. It’s like you have naturally beautiful thick hair all along. It is such an outstanding point in comparison.

Reasonable price

Of course, let’s not forget that hair extensions come at a reasonable price. It’s one thing that you can even use for the long term. And even if you buy from the best-seller, the average cost is still reasonable and they can last for up to five to six years!

What to Look for When Buying Hair Extensions


We totally understand the frustration you feel when your hair won’t grow past a certain point. Other women are like you, no matter how gentle, patient, and caring they are to their hair.

If this sounds like your issue, then consider the length of the hair extension you’re buying. There are even hair extensions that won’t hinder your hair growth. A good example of that would be a clip-in hair extension. We, the HairAffairs team, believe that clip-in hair extensions are a great alternative to rocking longer locks.


Color is another important consideration when buying or wearing hair extensions. Whether you prefer braided weft hair extensions, halo hair extensions, fusion hair extensions, or tape-in extensions, you can try out different colors that will look good on you.

You can try out the ombre trend or add lowlights or highlights. All that without causing any damage to your hair or worrying about the long-term commitment of one particular color. That’s the beauty of hair extensions!

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Ease of Use

Let’s be honest. Many of us have been in a situation where we’re deciding whether it is worth waking up early and putting in the extra effort to make our hair beautiful or sleep an extra 30 minutes. So, find the best hair extension that takes little time to clip in and you can easily style it. This way, you can save time with your morning routine.

Another option you have is a tape-in hair extension. Such is applied using adhesive. Sadly, the repetitive process of removing and reapplying it to your fine hair every 3 to 6 weeks may cause breakage or damage over time.


If you suffer from thinning hair or hair loss, we understand that it can affect your confidence. Don’t worry, the best hair extensions are a great resource to bring back the hair volume that you once had. 

At best, we also advise you to go with the lightest option. Having less weight on hair extensions means they are less likely to add tension to your natural hair and slip out. 


Opt for hair extensions that are long-lasting and more natural-looking. One of the best extensions for thin hair would be human hair extensions. In a nutshell, they can easily blend with your own hair, and they last a long time too!


Hair extensions are safe for thin or fine hair as long as you pick the right style for your hair type and texture. You may set up a consultation with a pro so they can help you set these hair extensions correctly and can give you personalized advice on your hair as well before you jump into another set of hair extensions!

Good luck and we hope you’ll make the best choice for your hair!

Disclaimer: This site is not intended to provide medical or professional advice. All the content here about the best extensions for thin hair is for informational purposes only and all the advice should be followed at your own discretion.

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