So Halloween is definitely over and we’re fast approaching Holiday season! I’ve decided to do a series of hairstyle tutorials suitable for exactly that occasion, starting with this waterfall braided holiday updo! 🙂 It’s absolutely not as complex as it looks, so don’t worry! It’s actually quite easy.

This is in line with a contest I’m hosting on Instagram! I’ve teamed up with the lovely Beth, from Sweethearts Hair Design and the 1st prize is a STORE CREDIT worth 30£ (about 35$) in her online store! You can stock up on a lot of hairstyling goodies (see picture below)! So make sure you check out my Instagram to see the requirements and rules for entering. Entries close on November 30th.

1st prize in Instagram contest #haholidaystyle

The above picture is a screenshot from Sweet Hearts Hair Design website.

Waterfall braided updo

I chose to call it that because the waterfall braid is probably the most complicated element! 😀 The best thing is to curl your hair away from your face prior to doing this hairstyle. They don’t have to be tight curls, I used a 1,5 inch wand, just to give my hair a bit of movement. It will be easier to work with and it will definitely look more polished and put together. Feel free to apply texture spray generously if you have fine hair. This will work on short (bob) or long hair, although you might have to adjust the technique accordingly.

Waterfall braided holiday updo tutorial at instructions:

  1. Make a side parting and do a waterfall braid on the heavier side. Pick up a small section of hair at the temple and divide it into 3 strands.
  2. Cross the top strand over the middle, then the bottom strand over the middle. Then cross the top strand over the middle as well, but now also add a new slice of hair from the top (parting) to it.
  3. Instead of crossing the bottom strand over the middle, drop it down and pick up a new section of hair right next to it to replace it. Cross that new strand over the middle in it’s place. Continue until you get to the back, then stop adding in new hair and braid a regular 3 strand braid down and pull it apart.
  4. Gather your hair into a low ponytail, leaving out the hair on the sides.
  5. On the opposite side to the waterfall braid, you can add a simple 3 strand braid. The only thing you could do different, to add more detail, is to make two of the strands thinner than the third one. Afterwards pull on the edge of the thick strand only, to give it that zig zag effect.
  6. Give your pony a little tease before you start twisting it in sections and pinning it randomly around the nape of the pony to form a messy bun.
  7. Start draping the hair from the sides in sections around the bun and secure it with bobby pins. Alternate the side you take the hair from.  Start by draping the braid, then take a section on the opposite side, twist it away from the face, loosen up the twist, place it around the bun and secure it. Then take a section from the other side and so on (Watch the video to see it more clearly).


TIP: As for the draping part, it doesn’t have to go in any specific order, just try to alternate sides and check in the mirror to see if you like the placement before you secure it in place.  Still unclear? No problem! Just watch the video below to see exactly how I did it step by step:


TIP 2: The key to any successful hairstyle on yourself (besides practice of course) are mirrors lol! 😉  No seriously, I mean it! Once you see what you’re doing it all becomes so much easier. Having two stand alone mirrors is the ideal thing. You can set it up at an angle so that you see yourself from all angles while your hands are free to do their thing. Having a bigger mirror on the wall and an extra small mirror at hand is the next best solution.

Are you a braiding newbie but would like to up your game? Start with the basics and sign up for my FREE video course right here.

Waterfall braided holiday updo tutorial at

Waterfall braided holiday updo tutorial at


What other kinds of holiday hairstyles would you like to learn?

Let me know if you have any wishes! 🙂 Happy hairstyling and until next time lovely!



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