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Who doesn’t want tons of hair? Who doesn’t get impressed when they see these amazingly thick braids? I know I love them! 🙂 And there is a way to achieve this even if you weren’t blessed with natural thick hair and without the use of hair extensions:

The secret to bigger braids

So what is the secret to bigger braids?

  1. First of all you’ll need to start pulling those braids apart! Dutch braids and dutch fishtail braids are perfect for that. By simply tugging and pancaking (another fun term – basically by pulling out the braid you’re making it flatter, like a pancake) the braids, you’re already fooling everyone into thinking you have more hair, even without the use of external products 🙂
  2. But if you want to take it one step further, and make the look even more dramatic and head turning, I suggest getting your hands on a hair crimper or texturising iron! Make sure it’s a micro crimper, you don’t want visible dents in your hair. There are plenty of those that you can get on Amazon, at different price levels, but if I’m am to suggest something that I have tested, use and love, I have to mention the Sam Villa Professional Texturising Iron. If I’m going to use heat on my hair I want the product to be safe and have different heat settings. Use it on a proper temperature setting together with a heat protectant and you’re making sure you’re not damaging your hair in the process.

Let me show you what I mean. This is an example of the dutch braided crown braid or halo braid without using the iron and after:

Crown braid 


crown braid


chunky crown braid


That’s a pretty big difference, right? If you want to see how to do a crown braid on short hair you can check out the tutorial in this post here. In this post I also show you how to pull the braid apart, in case this is a new term to you.

And here are some other examples of hairstyles I did after adding substantial volume with the texture iron:

 Bubble pull through braid

bubble pull through braid

bubble pull through braid

One of my most popular tutorials. You don’t even have to know how to braid to pull this one off 😉 See the tutorial here.

The topsy tail updo

topsy tai lupdo

The five strand dutch braid

five strand braid

The twisted fishtail braid

twisted fishtail braid

The rope crown braid

rope braid crown

The topsytail into fishtail half updo

topsy tail into fishtail half updo


An added bonus to using this iron before braiding or doing other types of up styles, beside the obvious volume poof, is that the texture adds way more grip to your hair and not only is it a lot easier to braid and hold on to the hair, but the up styles don’t fall apart as easy during the day. This is especially true if your hair is fine and straight, with a silky texture. You won’t need to tease the hair either.

Most days I just use the first technique, I pull the braids apart gently, as much as I can without the layers starting to fall out. But for some occasions, when I’m really going for that dramatic big braid, the Sam Villa texturising iron is a must have for me 🙂 It triples the volume of everything.

Have you ever tried it or any other crimping tool? What is your experience?

Are there any other secrets to bigger braids that you’d like to share?

Leave a comment and let me know 🙂



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