This week I thought I’d do a tutorial for the faux crown braid! That’s right, because it’s not actually a braid 😉 It’s otherwise know as the pull through crown braid, and it’s a great alternative not only for those of you who still struggle a little bit with actual braiding (especially around the head!), but also those, who have shorter or simply layered hair. The reason being that it’s a lot easier to pull this “braid” apart for significant volume, without all those layers and short strands poking out! And the best part is, you don’t even have to know how to braid! You’ll only need a lot of baby hair elastics.

The pull through crown braid

Another perk of this style is that you don’t need to prep your hair, so there’s no need for heat styling. Let’s dive right in!

Faux Crown Braid | Pull Through Crown Braid tutorial at

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Make several ponytails around your face, from ear to ear. Make sure you don’t incorporate too much hair from the back. It’s up to you how many you do, for shorter layered hair I recommend making more and having them closer together. That way it will be easier to pull the braid apart without any short pieces sticking out.
  2. Now tie ponytails around the rest of the head, and incorporate hair from the crown area downwards. Make sure that the ponytails are in even distance from each other all the way around. Then loosen up the hair in your crown area if you like by gently pulling it out.
  3. Split the ponytail right above your ear in the middle and let the ponytail above it fall through it. Now combine those sections from the first ponytail with the one above that again, and tie it all together with an elastic. In other words – split ponytail 1 in half, let ponytail 2 through it and combine ponytail 1 with ponytail 3 and tie them together.
  4. Go back to ponytail number 2, which will now be number 1 and so on. Keep repeating step 3 until you get all the way around your head.
  5. Once you’re left with only two ponytails, tie an elastic a bit lower on the first one, make a hole above the elastic and pull the second ponytail through it.
  6. Repeat step 5 on the ponytail you just pulled through and keep going until you reach the ends.
  7. Place the braid around the head, tucking the ends underneath the rest of the braid and secure with bobby pins.

TIP: Pull the braid apart for volume. If you end up with any shorter pieces sticking out, just take a bobby pin and place the ends inside it before you insert it. That will hide them and keep them in place.

If you prefer to see the tutorial instead of reading, you can watch the video below:


I hope those of you who struggle with braiding found this pull through crown tutorial helpful!

If you’d like to improve your braiding game, you can sign up for my free course here!

Until next time lovely! Happy hairstyling!


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