Hello lovelies!

This weeks theme is the simple waterfall braid! Yay! 😉

The reason I love it is because it’s simple to do and works for basically any hair length. It’s great if you’re not really looking for an updo feel, but you just want to add a quick little braided accent to your beautiful loose locks and make your hair look a bit more intriguing 😉

Than as a bonus, I want to show you how you can transform that braid into something even more intricate by adding a simple french braid to it!

What do you say, are you ready to get started?



Step 1.  Part your hair and then pick up a triangular section from your temple to your parting on the side with less hair (or the other side if you prefer that look, there’s no harm in experimenting 😉 ).

Step 2.  Start braiding by crossing the outer strands over the middle one. When the time comes to cross the lower strand over the middle (what you would normally do), you will drop that strand and replace it with another one next to it. That dropped strand is what creates the waterfall effect. When crossing the upper strand over the middle, bring in a new section from the parting and add it to that strand.

Step 3.  Repeat step 2 until you get to the back. After bringing in the last piece of hair into the braid from the back, drop your last waterfall piece and replace with a new one. Then braid a bit down and secure the braid with an elastic. Now you’re done! 🙂

Pictorial BLOG 28 Oct


This one looks a bit more intricate, but as you’ll see, it’s quite simple!

Step 1.  Pick up a thin, vertical section of hair right underneath the waterfall braid (from temple to ear). It might be helpful to clip away the waterfall pieces so they’re not in the way, at least in the beginning.

Step 2. Start braiding a french braid, crossing the outer strands over the middle one and bringing in new sections of hair each time, from both sides. You’ll bring in new pieces from the lower part (the hairline) as you would normally. The trick here is that when you cross the upper strand over the middle, YOU ONLY BRING IN THE WATERFALL PIECE into it.

Step 4. Bring in the waterfall pieces from the top, one by one, until you add in the last one. Even if you decide to stop adding in new hair from the bottom, you have to keep braiding until you add in all of the top waterfall pieces. Then braid a bit down, combine both braids together and secure with an elastic.


For those of you who prefer to watch and listen, here’s the video version of the tutorial. Have fun with your hair this week!

Kisses from BCN! 🙂

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