How to Make Your Hair Fluffy as a Male

How to Make Your Hair Fluffy as a Male

Ever wonder how to make your hair fluffy as a male? Women are not the only ones entitled to take care of their hair! In this article, take a lesson on tips and tricks you can do for male hair care. 

If you’re interested in how to make your hair fluffy as a male, keep on reading.

What is Hair Fluffing?

Fluffy hair has more attitude than typical straight hair but has less texture than curly hair. As you may have noticed, straight hair looks neat while fluffy hair looks messy. 

When we say messy, the texture is not as striking and detailed as curly hair. To help you picture it out, you can imagine it as wavy hair with a bouncy appearance.

So, how can you get fluffy hair for your male mane? Here are seven ways to help you achieve a fluffy guy’s hair.

How to Get Fluffy Hair in 7 Easy Steps – Men’s Guide

How to Make Your Hair Fluffy As A Male

1. Get a Layered Haircut for Wavy Hair

There are certain factors why a guy’s hair can look flat and lifeless. Humidity can add moisture to hair and make it appear limp if you have straight hair or frizzy if you have curly hair. On the contrary, low humidity can make your hair dry. You’ll notice that during winter, your hair becomes brittle, dry, and prone to hair loss. 

To balance the effect of weather on your hair, the first thing you can do is get a layered haircut. A layered haircut can add volume to flat hair by creating texture and waves. A few hairstyles you can try are flowy layered, long Pompadour, and shaggy. These hairstyles can give you a casual surfer look.

Of course, getting your hair cut alone will not get the job done. Massaging your scalp will also help regulate the natural oils in your hair.

2. Dry and Volume Building Shampoo

The second step is to choose your shampoo wisely. Washing your hair during winter can make it more dry and brittle. It’s a good thing that dry shampoos exist. 

Dry shampoos are for absorbing oil buildup and refreshing when you can’t wash your hair. Although it seems like a magic formula, you still have to use it occasionally to avoid damaging your scalp. Your hair matters, but so does your scalp.

For days when you can wash your hair, use a volume-building shampoo with conditioner. Volume building shampoos tend to lift your hair while cleaning buildup and residue on your scalp. Unlike regular or moisturizing shampoo, volumizing shampoo targets the roots where your scalp, follicles, and the base of your hair shafts are.

Also, remember to use a dry and volume-building shampoo that contains natural ingredients to keep your hair healthy.

3. Blow Dryer vs Best Hair Diffuser

Blow drying your hair can lead to dryness, roughness, and loss of hair color. The hot air released removes your hair’s moisture and natural oils. So, should you towel dry your hair instead?

It can be the safest option, but you don’t have to towel dry your hair for special events like dates or weddings. Another option is to dry and style your hair more healthily by using a hair diffuser.

Unlike your typical blow dryer, hair diffusers direct the hot air in different directions and evenly distribute it. This function reduces your hair’s exposure to heat and prevents dry hair. (5)

Hair diffusers are also known to maintain the texture of your hair while reducing the time it’s exposed to heat, whether you have shorter hair or long hair.

4. Flip and Tease Your Wet Hair

Another technique to get an extra volume for your hair is to flip it back and forth when blow-drying with a hair diffuser. Flip your damp hair in the opposite direction of where it falls and blow-dry that area. Your hair roots will thank you for this.

This technique will also help your hair breathe and improve blood circulation on your scalp. With better blood circulation, you’ll reduce your chances of hair loss.

You can use your hand, a round brush with loose bristles or a wide-toothed comb to avoid tangling your damp hair.

5. Use Volume Powder or Mousse

After blow-drying your hair, it’s essential to use hair products to get fluffy hair. You can use a volume powder or mousse. What’s the difference between the two?

Volume Powder Benefits

The main benefit of using volume powder is to add bounce and lift to your straight or wavy hair. You can also use this without blow-drying your hair. Add it to areas where you want to see some fluff on your mane.

Unlike hair mousse, volume powders have a matte finish and prevent your straight or wavy hair from looking oily.

Mousse Benefits

Hair mousse is a foam product that has a lighter consistency than gels. This hair product also has a bouncier effect compared to other hair creams.

This product will give your hair a shinier finish, unlike volume powders. Most guys with curly hair prefer to use mousse, but those with layered cuts can use this product, too.

Volume Powder or Hair Mousse?

Both products can help you achieve fluffy hair, but it will depend on what you want to focus on. If you have oily hair, we suggest you use volume powders. If you have dry hair, a hair mousse is the best option.

6. Use a Brush for Scruffy Hair

Using a hairbrush adds more volume for the following hair types: long hair, medium-length hair, or short hair. The question is, what kind of hairbrush suits your scruffy haircut?

Short Hair 

The best brush for short and thin hair is the vent style brush. This brush has wide-angled bristles that can cause less friction and untangle your hair better. This type of brush can also circulate the oils in your hair naturally.

Medium Length Hair

Hair with medium length needs a little more care. Brushes with soft and ball-tipped bristles should be your go-to brush. This brush is a great choice, especially for styling, since thin hair is more sensitive to damaging heat.

Long Hair

Styling specialists suggest a different brush for those with long and thick hair. A brush with a larger surface area like paddle brushes is optimal for styling normal to thick hair into straight hair.

Round Brush for the Best Volume 

If the recommended brushes don’t seem to work for adding volume to your hair, there is another type of brush you can use: the round boar bristle brush.

This round brush can give movement and more volume to your locks and works well with layered or shaggy-cut hair.

7. Use Natural Ways to Add Volume

If these ways aren’t working for your frizzy hair, you need to take care of your hair from within. Some vitamins you can take for your hair include vitamins A, B, C, D, E, Iron, and Zinc. 

You can also eat healthier food like salmon, lean poultry, spinach, and cinnamon. Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that can give your hair more shine, while protein from lean poultry can strengthen your hair and prevent hair loss.

Eating spinach can also give you a healthier scalp since it contains vitamins A, iron, beta carotene, folate, and vitamin C. You can also find these in other dark green leafy vegetables.

To promote better blood flow or circulation, adding cinnamon is not such a bad idea to bring oxygen and nutrients into your hair follicles.


How to Make Your Hair Fluffy As A Male

Guys can have fluffy hair, too. To get fluffy hair, opt for a haircut with layers. Balance your hair washing schedule and use dry or volumizing shampoo.  

Use a hair diffuser instead of a hair dryer or blow dryer. Flip and switch your wet hair when drying, use volume powder or mousse, get the correct hairbrush, and take care of your male mane by taking vitamins and eating a healthy diet.

You can improve your hair texture no matter what your hair type is. You can also avoid thinning hair with the right haircut and styling products.

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