The crown braid is one of those styles that will never go out of fashion. It suits almost everyone and every hair type. No matter what kind of finish we’re looking for, neat and tight (adorable on little girls), or soft and messy (love that for a more adult look), different hair lengths might pose different problems 😉 For a traditional crown braid, one braid all around your head, the ideal thing is to have long hair. I already wrote about how to tackle it in case of short hair in this post, today I want to show you what I find to be a great solution for a crown braid on medium hair.

The trick to a balanced crown braid on medium hair.

There are many different ways to do a crown braid in general, and practically every tutorial I’ve seen has a different twist. I’d like to offer an idea I haven’t seen anywhere before, and it’s been very helpful to me personally. My hair is now in an in between faze, where it’s no longer that short, but it’s not long either. Now I can actually do an all around my head braid (it does take some practice), but I’m not really liking how it turns out. I’m able to pull the braid apart and give it volume for the most part, but towards the ends all of my layers keep wanting to fall out and I have to try and keep the braid tight to be able o finish it at all. So not only does the end of my braid barely reach the beginning of it, but it’s also thin and straggly from the ear and up on the other side. That gives me a nice and full braid to start with on one side and a thin braid with a lot of short pieces sticking out of it on the other. And not enough hair length to cover it up. Do you get where I’m going with this? Doesn’t look cute at all! 😀 My solution is to do part crown braid, part milkmaid braid. See the instructions below for details, and if you’re one of those who prefer to watch a video tutorial, I will have that at the bottom of this post as well.

It can get tricky to hide the straggly ends when the hair isn't long enough. This Crown Braid on Medium Hair tutorial deals with that problem:


  1. On the lighter side, section off the hair from the top, down to the ear. You can add some hair from the nape of the neck into the section as well, if you wish to make this braid fuller, but make sure to leave out hair from the crown to cover it up.
  2. Braid that section into a regular 3 strand braid, starting at the top of your ear. Make sure to keep the hair near your scalp tight (to match the other side later). Pull on the edges of this braid to make it full and voluminous. It will help conceal the ends of the other braid at a later point.
  3. Pick up a small section at your hairline, near the parting on the heavier side and divide it into 3 strands. Start braiding a dutch braid by crossing the outer strands under the middle strand. As you go along, keep adding in new hair to both outer strands before crossing them under the middle.
  4. Stop once in a while to pull the braid apart for fullness. Keep directing the braid towards the back until you’ve incorporated all of the hair into it, then braid it all the way down and tie it off with a clear elastic.
  5. Place the first braid you did to the top of your head, tuck the ends underneath the second braid and use bobby pins to secure it.
  6. Now place the second braid against your head as well, tuck it as best you can underneath the first one and secure with bobby pins. Place any short strands that are sticking out inside the bobby pin and then slide it into the braid.
  7. As you see in this picture, the first regular braid helps balance out the hairstyle and hide the straggly end of the second braid, giving us fullness on both sides of the head.

crown braid on medium hair tutorial at pin tips

For the most part it’s best not to open the bobby pins at all. When securing the ends of one braid, tuck them underneath the other braid and slide an unopened bobby pin through both braids. However, when hiding stray strands that are sticking out, open the bobby pin slightly and place the ends inside it, then slide the pin underneath the braid.

Watch the video tutorial here:

I hope you  found this crown braid for medium hair helpful!

If your hair is shoulder length or shorter, see this tutorial:


See you next time lovely! Happy hairstyling!


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