Hello lovely! I’m so excited to have found a new way of using my Jumbo Curlers to achieve heatless curls and I just have to share it with you! I like giving my hair some curl not only because it gives it more volume and texture, but also styling most updos is much easier. There is another perk. I can go much longer between washes, and that’s a pretty big plus for a lazy girl like me! 😉

Most of us use heat from time to time and using curling irons is an excellent way to get a look quickly. However for the sake of our hair, especially during summer when the sun is already taking it’s toll on it, it’s crucial to avoid heat as much as we can. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for the best ways to get heatless curls.A little while ago I wrote about my favourite way to achieve heatless beach waves on medium length hair. But for a curlier look Jumbo Curlers are my top choice at the moment.

Two ways to achieve heatless curls with Jumbo Curlers

Heatless curls using Jumbo CurlersFirst off I’d like to say that I used the same amount of curlers for each look (13). The result for both of these methods will depend on the thickness and length of your hair and on the amount of curlers you use (the size of each section curled) and wether you curl wet or dry hair. You will have to play around with them a bit to figure out what works best for you.

My hair might not be particularly thick, but I found that if I use them on wet hair, it doesn’t dry properly over night, so I prefer to curl dry hair. If your hair is naturally very straight and doesn’t hold curls very well, you might want to try curling your hair wet or at least very damp. This is where I got my Jumbo Curlers.

Method #1 – The text book way

You should always wash the curlers before the first use.

    1. Begin at the top of your head and start rolling your hair into the curlers starting at the ends and rolling up towards the roots.
    2. Secure the curl by bending the ends of the jumbo curler. To avoid creases, roll the hair upwards and bend the ends downwards.

    Method #2 – Use it as a curling wand

    1. Again, begin at the top of your head. Use each curler as if it was a curling wand. Starting at the roots wrap your hair around the curler creating a tight spiral.
    2. Make sure that when you bend the curler, you trap the ends of your hair so the spiral doesn’t unravel.

    If you like having curls but you don’t want to put your hair at risk by using heat too often, you should definitely get your hands on these babies 😉 They’re not expensive, they are soft and comfortable to sleep on and they can help you achieve a variety of looks.

    TIPS: They have a pretty big diameter and you can use that by not wrapping your hair too tightly around the curlers. Additionally the smaller sections you take (the more curlers you use on your head), the tighter curl you’ll achieve. Also curling wet hair and letting it dry will give a tighter curl than curling dry hair. ALWAYS make sure your hair is dry before you take the curlers out. After you do, separate the curls with your fingers. If you have a looser wave, you can brush your hair out for a softer look.

    In my opinion method #1 gives a more retro look, at least on my medium length hair and I prefer method #2 as I feel it gives my hair a more modern look and a tighter curl with the same amount of curlers 🙂 The curls turn into much softer waves on the second and third day.

    If you like the idea of method #2 but your hair is much longer than mine, you might want to try these HOT TOOLS PROFESSIONAL LONG SPONGY ROD ROLLERS. They are thinner and longer, so you’ll have more space to roll your entire long lock into a spiral 😉

    Although I prefer the second way of using  Jumbo Curlers, I’ve seen beautiful results on other people using them the regular way. So be sure to try different things and see what you like best. I just want to give you more options! 😉

    Want to try Jumbo Curlers to achieve heatless curls?

    Let me know if you do and how it works out for you! Have a great hair day and see you in my next post!




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    March 16, 2016


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