Achieving flat iron curls can sometimes be more tricky than you’d think, if you don’t have the right approach. Using your straightener to curl your hair however, has many upsides, that I’ve mentioned in this post on dos and dont’s of curling your hair with a flat iron. One of them is the economical side. If you’re someone who likes to both wear your hair straight and curly, and you can only afford to invest in one good tool, I recommend you get a good flat iron. That way you can get the most out of one device.

You should definitely do your research before you buy a straightener, I can however tell you that I’m very happy with the GHD platinum styler that I’ve purchased recently. I have changed my approach on how to get these flat iron curls since my last post and I’ll include a video tutorial at the bottom of this post. But first, let me say a bit more about this straightener and a few tips that I have for you.

Really easy flat iron curls

Flat iron curls tutorial at

I love the GHD platinum styler because of how easy it is to use. I heats up super fast and super evenly! Now, without putting too much pressure on the plates, I get a smooth and even result with just one stroke (saving my hair and hands).

One thing you should keep in mind, is that there is no adjustable heat setting. GHD stylers heat up to about 185 degrees Celsius, which is the optimal  temperature for styling hair without damaging it. On my previous straightener (that I’ve had for about 10 years…. wow I really needed a change lol) I used to use a similar setting as well.

Strangely, when I now use the new GHD platinum styler, my hair feels cooler immediately after I release it, but I get a better and quicker result! They must really know what they are talking about regarding the temperature 😉 Also, with three sensors in each plate, the styler stays constant at that temperature even when you’re running it through your hair (which is when other stylers temperature fluctuates and can damage your hair or give a less than ideal result).

Another thing I like, is that when you close it, it has a round barrel, which helps to achieve those gorgeous curls we all want! 😉 So let’s move on to the curling tips:

how to curl your hair with a flat iron

Tips and tricks:

  1. The very best thing you can do in the beginning, is to practice with the iron turned off at first! Especially if you’re not experienced at it, or even if you’re trying out a new straightener for the first time. It’s really important that you learn how it will feel in your hands. That way once you do start to use it, it will be with confidence!
  2. Tip number two is still related to number one. While you practice, take strands from different parts of your head, also from the back and practice the motion there too before you turn the iron off. In the front it’s usually the easiest 😉
  3. Now on to the movement you have to perform: Place the strand inside the iron (ends pointing down), rotate the iron upwards one time (360 degrees) until you flip the ends of the hair to the back and they’re pointing down again. Now slowly move the iron down the hair shaft. No additional twisting motion is necessary.
  4. Don’t press the plates too hard in the beginning. Be gentle! 🙂 Start rotating the iron, flip the hair, and then press the plates together properly and pull the iron down the hair shaft. That way you’ll avoid that nasty crease at the top 😉
  5. If you’re right handed, then the tip of the iron will point to the front when you curl the right side of your head, and to the back when you curl the left side. But the movement still remains the same – you’ll rotate the iron once upwards.
  6. My last tip is to divide the hair into smaller, manageable sections. Taking smaller sections will insure that you’ll get the best result with just one stroke, which will actually save you time!


Finishing touches

Another product I’m loving lately and would like to share with you, is this Redken Wax Blast. I like to use it after I’ve let my curls cool and set and after I’ve brushed them out. It gives the hair more texture, volume and hold, without feeling too sticky. It doesn’t have super hold though, so I would only recommend it for those hairstyles where you’d like a lot of movement and if you like beachy kind of hair.

Redken wax blast

Watch the video below for further instructions:


I hope you try this flat iron curls technique out!

Let me know how it goes or if you have any questions! See you next time lovely. Happy hairstyling! 😉


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