Hello lovely! I haven’t been a fan of dry shampoo for a long time. In fact, I really disliked using it. That was until I did my research and with some trial and error, I found the right ones for me. I also found that two different dry shampoos could be beneficial for different types of hairstyles. If you hate dry shampoo like I did, chances are you are using it the wrong way.


Why is dry shampoo a good idea?

  • It absorbs excess oils, leaving your hair fresh looking and saving you time and possibly hair damage by extending the time between hair washes.
  • It can work as a root lifter and give hair extra volume.
  • It can add extra grip for updos and braids, especially if your hair is fine and sleek.

Do your research and learn how to use your dry shampoo the right way.

Sometimes you’ll need to try a few different shampoos to find the one that’s perfect for you. But even if you recently bought one and aren’t too happy with it, make sure you’re using it the right way before you write it off.

If you’re using a dry shampoo that comes in a spray, make sure you shake it well before applying. Never hold the container too close to your head, as that will insure you’ll get a white residue that looks anything but good. Don’t over apply, spraying less but evenly is better. Concentrate on the root area though, there is no need to spray it on your ends.  You want your hair to remain looking fresh, not mat and lifeless. Maybe this goes without saying, but ALWAYS apply to dry hair! 😉 If you’re a brunette or even if you have an ombre with dark roots,  you’ll need to use dry shampoos especially designed for dark hair, to insure it doesn’t leave a white residue. Brush through the hair after application to remove any excess product.

Take hairstyle into account

I have tried and like different dry shampoos and I’ve realised that one shampoo might work better with certain kinds of hairstyles than others. Most dry shampoos, wether they are in spray or powder form are designed to be used on hair that’s already oily. The upside is that they instantly absorb the excess oil that’s weighing your hair down and help regain volume at the roots and leave you fresh looking. The downside (or is it?) is that they almost always leave a film on the hair making it different to the touch, more rough in texture and not as free flowing. Sometimes a bit mat as well.

But does that have to be a flaw? I think not. I already mentioned they can be great to add additional grip to the hair which is perfect for styling updos and braids. You can finish them off with some shine spray afterwards, if you feel you need it. They can also work wonders for beach waves or other messy hairstyles, where that roughness works to your advantage. A while ago I talked about the Bumble and Bumble powder dry shampoo in my Holiday Hairstyle post, where I was gushing about how it was able to extend the life of my waves to at least three days (I would normally wash my hair every day).

dry shampoo

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An upside to dry shampoo in powder form is that it will usually last you a lot longer than the spray form, although the spray is quicker to apply as you don’t have to massage it into your roots and scalp.

My recent favourite for straight and sleek hair

When I wash my hair and wear it straight and sleek, I love that freshly washed feeling when my hair is free flowing and soft to the touch. That’s why the Redken pillow proof  dry shampoo has become my go to dry shampoo over the last two months at least.

It’s different from other dry shampoos I’ve tried. It’s meant to be applied on clean hair after you have blow dried or styled it with a flat iron. You can also repeat and apply before going to bed (or only before you go to bed on the day you washed it), so the product has a chance to work and absorb the oils over night and leave your hair fresh in the morning. It’s meant as a prevention, a blow-dry extender rather than used only once “the problem” occurs. Don’t get me wrong, if you already spot oily areas, this product will also help you deal with them.

It really works and it doesn’t leave that film on your hair in the process. So if you like not only the look but also the feeling and touch of freshly washed hair, you might want to give this one a try.


dry shampoo

I hope you find these tips helpful! I went from not liking dry shampoo to being a fan! 🙂 It has helped me not only save time by not having to wash my hair so often, but also save my hair from unnecessary blow drying and heat styling. That is why I hope I convince you to give them a try, if you haven’t already! 😉

Do you have a favourite dry shampoo?

I’d love to hear your thoughts! As always, have a great hair day and see you next time!


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Thanks for these fab tips! I'm now going to give dry shampoo another try.

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